George Hacks Founder, Brianna Cathey, publishes paper in Scientific Reports

George Hacks founder, Brianna Cathey, and Sofian Obaid, working with Dr. Igor Efimov, are the first authors in paper published January 24 in Scientific Reports. This paper presents an open-source platform for optocardiography, in which both software and hardware are open to the public via open-source license. Hardware can be printed on a 3D printer, and the platform will be useful in research and education of the heart.  

The citation for their paper is: B. Cathey, S. Obaid, A. M. Zolotarev, R. A. Pryamonosov, R. A. Syunyaev, S. A. George, and I. R. Efimov. “Open-Source Multiparametric Optocardiography,” Scientific Reports, Vol. 9: 721 (2019).

A recent GW Today article, “SEAS Students Design 3D-Printed Optical Mapping System,” further explains their research and its implications.

George Hacks All-Women’s Team Takes 3rd Place at Pitch George Competition

The team of Caitlyn Pratt, Sydney Bailes, Shirali Nigam, and Trish Mikolajczyk—all from the BME Department—took Third Place and a $750 cash prize in the Undergraduate track at this year’s Pitch George Competition, held November 17 in Duques Hall.  The all-female team pitched their novel pill dispenser product, which targets the population over the age of 65 who may be dealing with problems like arthritis or juggling more than five medications a day.

The team is also one of the founding teams of the George Hacks Innovators in Action Program.  They were mentored by BME alumnus Konstantin Mitic, who co-founded the George Hacks organization and worked with the team as their adviser between rounds of pitches at the competition.

George Hacks Launches the Innovators in Action Program

George Hacks launched the Innovators in Action program two weeks ago when we sent 7 students to VCU’s 3rd Annual HealthHacks. This was the event that inspired our founding team to start George Hacks and we were so excited to be able to send more students to compete this year!

In 2017, George Hacks founder, Konstantin Mitic ‘18, attended the annual VCU medical hackathon. During the event, he developed a solution that went on to receive a medal, but he didn’t know how to further implement these ideas. He wanted to continue the innovative process even after the event was finished, but didn’t know how. The solution was simple: George Hacks.

Contact us to learn more and see how you can get involved in our Innovators in Action program.

George Hacks Founder, Konstantin Mitic, and his BME team take first place at 2018 Pelton Award for Outstanding Senior Design Project competition

George Hacks congratulates Konstantin Mitic, Paige Botie, Tania Singh, Trisha Talapatra, and Sarah Sopher for their first place win at the 2018 Pelton Award for Outstanding Senior Design Project competition. The title of their project is “Patient Transfer Sling and Hip Stabilization System”.  Watch them describe their research.

Dr. Pelton, Konstantin Mitic, Paige Botie, Tania Singh, Trisha Talapatra, Sarah Sopher and Dean Dolling