George Hacks team member, Christianne Chua, named a Barry Goldwater Scholar

Our very own Social Media Chair and former George Hacks participant, Christianne Chua, has been named a 2019 Barry T. Goldwater Scholar, the highest national-level award for outstanding undergraduate researchers in STEM.  

Christianne is the only SEAS student (and one of three GW students) to receive this prestigious award.  Her research is in the field of cardiac optogenetics in Dr. Emilia Entcheva’s laboratory; she was trained by and worked closely with PhD students Julie Han and Weizhen Li.

We are so proud of you, Christianne, and keep up the hard work!

Michael Degaga (left), Weizhen Li, Sarah Schrup, Emilia Entcheva, Christianne Chua and Julie Han attended the 2018 BMES Annual Meeting in Atlanta.


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