George Hacks Wishes Dr. David Lee the Best as He Retires from GW

This year, the George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) is saying goodbye to one of its own faculty members, Dr. David Lee. After coming to teach at GW in 2015, Professor Lee is retiring following the impactful legacy he has left with the school.

Five years ago, Lee became the Associate Professor of Practice in the Biomedical Engineering Department here at GW. Here, he taught biomedical engineering as the primary faculty advisor of the BME senior capstone course. Additionally, he taught BME undergraduates across all years, providing all of his students with valuable insights into the field of engineering as seen in practice.  Professor Lee constantly demonstrated his passion for education and strove to tailor learning curriculums towards guaranteeing the success of future engineers.

Specifically for George Hacks, Professor Lee’s long standing support will forever be cherished. Alongside Professor Zara, he has consistently been an invaluable mentor to our team. During his time here, he was also an active volunteer at each of our three annual Medical Solutions Hackathons to date. Not only did he encourage his students to participate in these events, but he also assisted numerous participants in idea formation and design optimization in person at the event. Without his unconditional support, George Hacks wouldn’t be the organization that it is today. 

Students and past participants had this to say about Professor Lee; 

It was an honor to be an LA for Professor Lee’s freshman seminar class this past semester. His dedication shows both in and out of the classroom, and his focus on a well-rounded engineering education with an emphasis on human centered design encouraged me to explore unique applications of biomedical engineering.

Giavanna Corazza, SEAS ‘22, Past Participant & George Hacks Team Member

Professor Lee always challenged me in unique ways in his freshman BME 1020 course and for that I am forever grateful. He helped me develop an engineering mindset and that it is okay to think outside the box. It was a pleasure to have Dr.Lee as a professor and to work alongside him as a teaching assistant this past spring semester. Thank you Professor Lee for all your words of encouragement and advice. You will truly be missed.

Justina Pruski, SEAS ‘21, Past Participant

Thank you Professor Lee for continuing to guide the BME class from our first BME 1010 course all the way through Capstone. You have taught us valuable lessons and have shaped our attitude, mentality, and the way we think to be better engineers. Best of luck in your future adventures and enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

Camille Daszynski, SEAS ‘20, Past Participant

George Hacks will miss Professor David Lee greatly as he moves forward from GW. Not only has he been a key advisor and supporter of our organization, but he also fulfilled an integral role in our SEAS community. During his time here, he passionately taught students the engineering mindset and was a mentor to many. He truly exemplified what it means to lead by example and we wish him all the best in all his future endeavors.

We are so grateful for the time, commitment, and mentorship Dr. Lee has shown the George Hacks team and participants. He has come to every one of our events since the very first George Hacks medical hackathon, and we look forward to inviting him back to GW for all our future events.

Caitlyn Pratt, SEAS ’20, Former Director of George Hacks


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