Who is Your Nurse?


Medical residents do not have an efficient way to identify and contact the nurse on call for a particular patient. They have to find the written version of the nursing staff schedule that is kept at each nursing station and find a way to contact them, which is a waste of time and energy and delays care of the patient.


The solution needs to be an electronic platform (an app) for residents to message or call the nurse assigned to a patient (by room and bed numbers) at a particular time.  It should update the current nurse staffing schedule according to time and patients, and allow residents to reach out to a particular nurse directly and immediately.

Provided by GW Hospital at George Hacks 2019 Medical Solutions Hackathon.

Image Source: https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/ny-metro-brooklyn-nurses-berated-ceo-112118-story.htmlImage Source: