COVID-19 Projects

Healthcare innovation is constantly adapting to current events. In light of the rapidly-developing coronavirus pandemic, we have received several COVID-19-related projects from current partners now available to you on this page. As we continue to progress through a prolonged period of social distancing, feel free to tackle a problem statement from home to help our local community overcome one of the nation’s greatest healthcare challenges to date.

FOR ORGANIZATIONS: Interested in providing us a COVID-19 project on behalf of your organization? Submit your problem statement via the form linked through the button below.

2021 Medical Solutions Pitches

George Hacks is committed to providing students access to real-world healthcare problems in which they can use their skills to innovate for social impact. Our annual Medical Solutions Hackathon is an event where students can realize these goals.

FOR ORGANIZATIONS: We have begun an initiative to collect pitches on a rolling basis for the 2021 George Hacks Medical Solutions Hackathon! If you are interested in supporting our event by providing problem statements for our participants to tackle, please submit your pitch description via the form linked through the button below.

FOR STUDENTS: Browse our projects below! If you find one that you’re passionate about, read the full the description and start your own journey as an impact-driven innovator in healthcare.