Recap | George Hacks Medical Solutions 2020 Recap

What is George Hacks?

George Hacks is a student-led nonprofit that catalyzes innovation in healthcare by empowering the next generation of change makers. 

We provide a platform for problem-based, interdisciplinary healthcare innovation for social impact. Our ecosystem focuses on the intersection between the medical field and entrepreneurship.

Our ‘hackathons’ are innovation competitions that facilitate early application of classroom knowledge to real-world issues, develop teamwork skills, and improve communication of ideas across disciplines.

George Hacks is more than just one event.

Our Core Competencies

  1. We present innovation challenges sourced directly from the needs of outside healthcare organizations to give students the opportunity to address specific problems in healthcare.
  2. We promote the entrepreneurial mindset by exposing students to what it takes to create a feasible, marketable solution, and provide students with resources to move forward in the innovation pipeline.
  3. We empower young social entrepreneurs after our healthcare innovation competitions so that they can make, create, and innovate on their own.

What will you change?

Our Story

Before George Hacks was established at the GW campus in 2018, George Washington University lacked a space for students of all disciplines to come together for a greater purpose: social innovation. In response to this demand, we envisioned George Hacks as a one-time medical hackathon. With the optimism that our event generated surrounding our generation’s effort in addressing pressing healthcare issues, we realized the potential for broader impact on the student experience. Now, George Hacks has transformed from an event into a community, changing education through innovation.

Our Team

Uma Sharma
Meilian Kurlas
Sravya Jahagirdar
Outreach Team
Eugenie Pflieger
Event Operations Team
Marwa Daud
Graphic Designer
Sai Abhishree Pappusetty
Finance Chair
Alejandro Nevarez
Technical Team Lead
Joshua Welch
Technical Team
Christain Weiss
Event Operations Team Lead
Kyle Manzoor
Technical Team
Ben Yimaj
Marketing Team
Rabaab Dhingra
Marketing Team Director


Konstantin Mitic
Caitlyn Pratt
Michael Ready
Brianna Cathey