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Partners work with us to provide challenges for our hackathons, mentors for participants, and other non-financial services.

In January of 2019, the Veterans Health Administration became an official partner of George Hacks. We are proud to join the VHA to highlight the many areas in which students can improve the lives of U.S. Veterans living with a wide range of disabilities incurred while serving our country. At the 2019 Medical Solutions Hackathon, attending local veterans gave students the unique opportunity to address their personal medical needs, ranging from prosthetic adaptations for outdoor activities to medical examination accessibility. We are incredibly grateful to be able to give our competitors the opportunity to improve the lives of those who dedicated their lives to improving ours, and we look forward to broadening our impact in continuing our engagement with the veteran population in future events.  


Sponsors help us finance the high costs required to run a hackathon. Without our sponsors, we would be unable to have the resources for all our amazing innovations.

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