George Hacks featured in “GW Students Pursue Startups and Entrepreneurship”

Did you know we work with the GW Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

The GW Office on Innovation and Entrepreneurship works with George Hacks and other organizations such as GW Data to host hackathons, competitive events in which groups work to create functioning product designs.

“GW Students Pursue Startups and Entrepreneurship,” GW Today

Our director, Caitlyn Pratt, had the opportunity to share her experience launching her own company, Takin’ it Easy, which focuses on medication management through an automatic pill dispenser system.

Takin’ it Easy has a working prototype and will be competing in the final round of the New Venture Competition this Thursday. After developing a more refined prototype, Ms. Pratt’s team hopes to launch a pilot program with their local Veteran Affairs contacts, previously established through George Hacks, before launching a Kickstarter campaign.

“GW Students Pursue Startups and Entrepreneurship,” GW Today
From left to right: Sydney Bailes, Caitlyn Pratt and Solomon Abrams represented Takin’ It Easy in the 2019 New Venture Competitions finals on Thursday.

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